Ohhh thanks Cleeeev-land

20120606-132759.jpgMemories of last night- 1. A guy had me sign his Jeep outside of the venue where I played. I've never been asked to sig a car before let alone a Jeep. I've signed guitars, casts, heaps of CDs and pictures and T-shirts and I have signed several boobs. But I've never signed a car. (Of course it turns out it wasn't even that guy's Jeep. It was just a Jeep that belonged to an angry man with a gun who lived next door to the club. I did get my ass kicked but it was all in good fun!) just kidding about that last part. But I did sign a Jeep. With a silver sharpie.

2. Abby was the youngest member of the audience. Her parents drive a couple hours to see the show. I remember that her Dad's name was David but I changed it to Peter.

3. I was weirder than normal last night. And I've been extremely weird but last night I was a little bizarre.

4. This really nice guy named Evan proposed to his girlfriend Kaylin after my show. He was supposed to do it onstage and have me sing Everything About You. He even wrote me a very nice email asking if I would assist him in this venture by inviting him up while I sing the aforementioned song. Great idea Evan! I said of course I would. But here's the problem: I don't ever remember what I say so I forgot to call him up on stage. He even wrote me an email reminding me but I forgot to check my email. I am so bummed about this. Shit! Shit! Shit! I really wish I had remembered. Triple shit! It would have been so cool. I'm an idiot. I feel so bad. But that feeling will go away. (as my friend Mark Lindsey says) but I do feel bad. Even was so gracious about it. I wanted to say "next time I'll remember." but this is hopefully a once in a lifetime thing. Sigh..... He did propose after the show and she said yes. So he's got that going for him - which is nice.

5. PopDose was in the house! And Jeff Niesel and I made up a song about him.

6. Willis was there and he and I spoke about the movie Kingpin. Then this morning at a rest stop I took this pic.

20120606-134553.jpg Thanks again Cleveland. I heart you.


Tonight I am going to Detroit. I'm going to see The Tigers play The Indians. Huzzah! Steve