Oh Jose can you see?

rugburns.jpgHi everyone, Thanks to those of you came out to the racetrack (over 3,000 folks) to see us play. I hope you won some money on the ponies. I didn't. But more on gambling later. Blackjack is my game. There are a few shows coming up that I wanted to let you know about. 1. I will be singing the national anthem at The Padres game on Friday night Aug. 20 right before the game starts. 2. I will be playing a show a show at Petco Park on Saturday Aug. 21 at 5:30 pm at the park in the park beyond the outfield. It is an hour long show over at 6:30 sharp. I will be on the east coast all of next week and I hope you can make it to the many shows that are listed on this website including a cruise around the Statue of Liberty. In October on the 15th day I will be doing a show at Sycuan Casino. I am especially looking forward to this show as it will give me a chance to play blackjack with you guys after the show. I will teach how to triple your money and never have to work again for the rest of your lives. This is a cool state of the art theatre with amazing sound AND we get to gamble. We will all be losing money by not going. here are the deets WHERE: