oh Happy Happy Mothers Day oh

20110508-121213.jpgAll the Mothers in this great big old world deserve thanks and praise for all the love and kisses and prayers and smiles and discipline and hugs. Mothers are the life force and extraordinary energy providers harnessing energy tapped from the sun. My Ma kept me practicing my guitar and took me for allergy shots. She also made me do my homework and learn to spell. She taught me how to make a fried egg sandwich and how to iron a shirt! Mothers work hard and get little thanks. I love my Ma. She rocks. She's had an interesting life growing up in Cape Breton and learning piano and meeting my Pa. She's got stories and kind eyes. She's curious and reads so many books that I can't keep track. I wish I could be in the desert today cooking her breakfast with my Pa and Sis but I'm in Virginia so I'll just think about it and I'll think about the cool sweet Mothers everywhere and salute. Peace and love Ma. Steve (son)