Oh Happy Day! Ma Mawski Madre Mama Mia!

me-n-ma-on-fone.jpgWatching you iron clothes and cry while JFK's funeral played on a black and white tv + Making one of a kind work of art delicious spaghetti by taste without a recipe + Kissing my freshly wasp stung head whie handing me a sherbert flavored pushup + Telling me you loved me when I didn't make the basketball team + Making me practice my guitar everyday for at least an hour + Driving me to baseball + Driving faster than ever to the vet with Bojo on my lap after he got hit by a car + Letting Mokie spend the night + Helping me with my creative writing class + Walking through the library with me to find Hardy Boys stories + Watching the Dodgers with Dad and I even though you'd rather be reading + Taking me back to Halifax where I was born to meet all the cousins + Singing me to sleep with beautiful songs + playing guitar and piano with me = laughter, love and beauty Pluses add up to billions and trillions and gazillions +++++++++++++++++++ Today I head back to Halifax for 3 shows in a row Sunday Monday and Tuesday and I'll take all of the pluses in my life and somehow put them into a lyrical casserole that you are responsible for, and for that, I am forever indebted to you. In the lottery drawing of Mothers I won the Lotto. Winner winner chicken dinner! Thanks for everything Mom. If I concentrate hard enough I can transport myself back the picture of you on the telephone posing with me while Dad snapped the black Kodak box. What a wonderful ride it's been. Bumps and all I wouldn't have it any other way. Perfect. I love you, Steve