Oakville Ontario Canada tonight

20140206-113847.jpgHi gang! I am grateful for cookies. Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts in them. I'm also pleased and sneezed and appeased and freezed to be playing The Moonshine Cafe tonight at 9pm. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

In other news I actually slept 7 hours last night. This was a most righteous experience. I was dragging my guitars and luggage down a very long hallway of my hotel at 2am after a late show in Toronto. Of course my room was all the way at the end of the football field length hall and I kept waiting for the twins from The Shining to suddenly appear and wave to me with demonic looks on their faces. At one point I freaked myself out and got goosebumps and by then I figured I'd queered the deal on the sleep I was longing for. But I acted fast and said to myself, "Steve! The twins from The Shining aren't in the hallway. Let it go. Breathe deep and relax. Think of Damien from The Omen or that girl whose head spins around in circles from The Exorcist."

Next thing I know I was knocked out and purring away like a cat by a fireplace. I had peaceful dreams of explosions and car wrecks and barns melting and napalm.

Glad to be awake for another day. Tonight I rock. Feb 6 Oakville at The Moonshine Cafe at 9pm Feb 7 Toronto at The Orbit Room at 7pm Feb 8 Wakefield Quebec at The Blacksheep Inn at 4pm Feb 9 Halifax at The Carleton 9pm

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