Nova Scotia scenery and an Academy Award winning performance by Steve (there will be blood)

many-mes.jpgphoto by ted berberian Hi! Being on tour with Madeleine Peyroux is fun. Tonight I'm in Kansas City. Then I'm almost home. My clothes are dirty, my eyes are baggy, I smell like a hobo and I need sleep. I think tonight will be my 30th show in a row. That's just effing stupid if you ask me. I suppose sleep isn't that important. I love watching Madeleine play guitar and sing her songs. My soul feels happy and the sky is blue. I've been geeking out on twitter. I ain't no quitter. I'm heading west for a rest. I'm like a stable pony on my way home. I feel sentimental and mental. I'm driving in a rental. I'm coming home. Home sweet home. Put my head on a pillow and dream sweet dreams. See movies and eat popcorn. Speaking of movies here's one for you of Nova Scotia and uh---- me---- imitating Daniel Day Lewis. Au Revoir Stevey Jo