Northampton, Mass

northampton.jpgWell well well. Last night went just as excpected. I played my 30 minute set and it felt like it went by in 5 minutes. As you can tell by the picture above, the crowd seems kind of happy. I don't think anyone threw anything at me. Great theater there in ol' Mass. The owner of the joint is Eric and he also owns The Iron Horse where I usually play. He is a great guy and they served us some really good Mexican food considering we were on the east coast. I will be booking a return engagement to Northampton and The Iron Horse real soon. It has really been fun playing to larger crowds and taking their pictures from the stage. I know many of you have already seen the pot bust pictures below but I made a promise to a thousand people last night so here they are below. My friend Dana thinks i am losing my mind anyways because I re-posted some stuff already and the truth is, she's right. I can't remember things and I don't have a long attention span. Some would call ADD but I call it CRS disease. Can't remember shit disease. Love, What's His Name 23stevejewel.jpg 23yesstevejewel.jpg