Nifty limited edition silk screened posters + Steve on Tim Flannery's cooking show

SP_TFTTposter.jpgEver wonder what to get someone for the holidays? Well fret no more my little potatoes. Get someone a limited edition silk screened poster. These beautiful little angels are 18.5 inch width by 24 inch height. Suitable for framing and putting up in your garage or laundry room. Maybe even on your ceiling in your kitchen so that when you're eating if you look up to catch a fly or you're praying to the heavens mid-meal, you can think to yourself, "Hey- that's a really cool print and the orange color reminds me of squash which reminds me that I need to go to the store for toilet paper and other sundries." There are only 200 limited edition prints sitting and waiting to be shipped in a nice safe tube to your rest home. The first 54 are signed by yours truly in the lower left corner. I would have written on them all but my wrist got tired after 54 signatures. But maybe you want one that isn't signed. My signature might devalue it right? After all, I have consorted with various unsavory figures at different points in my life and you may be saying yourselves, "Jeez- I kinda like Steve's music but it's a little presumptuous of him to think I want it signed. What an egomaniacal jerk. It's actually worth more if he doesn't sign it." Well, if that's how you feel then don't waste another brain cell worrying, my little cardboard street corner beggars. I can get you one that's unsigned. But the only problem is the unsigned ones are now stored away. Am I wasting too much energy on this signed vs. unsigned dilemma? Just specify that you don't want my signature polluting your piece of art and we can get you one. Order them here.

Steve on In The Pan With Flan

My friend Tim Flannery has his own make believe cooking show. We stayed in some really cool house in Murphys California last week after we played a private show at Hatcher Winery. While our hosts were sleeping, I made pizza. Tim filmed it and my friend Shawn Rohlf of 7th Day Buskers makes a quick cameo as the angry guy who wants to watch Flan cooking instead of me. I think it was 3 am and we were some strangers' house raiding their fridge while they were sleeping. Check it out HERE. I'm off to Los Angeles to play a show for the next couple of nights with the lovely Judith Owen and Harry Shearer. I'm excited as a mitten on a ski hill that gets returned to the hand of its owner after waiting in the snow under the chair lift looking up and asking for help. But no one believes a mitten can talk so they just ignore it and act like it's not happening. Then finally the owner of the mitten sees me and we reunite and her hand warms me up. That's how excited I am. Dammit. Love, Stevey Joe Mitten