New York City Tonight

fragshot.jpgfrag foto op inc. We go on at 11 pm sharp. Hope to see you at The Living Room in NYC. We played in Piermont last night for over 2 and a half hours at The Turning Point. John (the owner) recorded the show. We think he's the cat's pajamas. He fed us and did our sound and let us play for hours. We play Boston tomorrow night (Sunday) at The Paradise Lounge. Then we shoot back to NYC early the next day to make a video for the song "Rains." We want it to involve hamsters. Do you have any ideas? I think we want the hamster to eat me up and poo me out while the whole time I am singing the song. I also want it to be raining hamsters. Kind of like in the movie Magnolia. Except in that instance it was frogs raining. We want the hamsters to be in love though and trying to ind each other. Listen to the song "Rains" and give me some of your strangest ideas. But you must act now as we shoot on Monday. We will have full access to green screen and a cool editor and full crew. Then we are off to play a show in Brooklyn that night at Union Hall. Help us quick, Help us to help you. Let's help each other and fix stuff so it works. See you tonight at The Living Room at 11pm. Stevey Jo