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Rugburns-Dave.jpgRing in 2009 with The Rugburns at The Casbah in beautiful sunny San Diego. Get your flights now and plan ahead because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Celebrate with the strange friends you've met on one of the internets. Why you may have met people right here on this weeb sight. The one you're looking at now. Maybe there are people who really want to see you in San Diego. Look how long it took for The Phillies (congrats Lou DeMarco!) to win a World Series. We may never play a show together again for another 20 years. Life is too long to not do what you want to do. Check Kayak for flights. I'll be able to give you hotel suggestions near The Casbah if you like. Think about it- there are people freezing in Siberia and Michigan. You could rent a room at the ocean and try surfing in the cold, cold Pacific Ocean. You could eat fish tacos bro dude bro. Drink a cold beverage while listening to The Rugburns crank out all of your favorite songs. You can dress in drag or wear a mask or just wear jeans. YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! Just by coming out to the show on New Years Eve. Start 2009 off in a way wicked cool Jesus it's going to be a hoot and you need to do this for your family and for your family's security. Come see Steve Hussein Poltz and Doc Hussein Driscoll Stinky Hussein Aaffedt and John Hussein Castro. Yes- John is flying in from New York City. He'd rather be in San Diego where al the cool people are going to be. Yes- I said it right here folks- If you don't come to this show then for all of 2009 you won't be cool. You be the opposite of cool which is I guess- hmmmm- oh yeah, UNCOOL! houseback.jpg We want to see you and squeeze the living crap out of you. You can get your colon cleansed and go to yoga and drink healthy juices. Or you can eat greasy cheeseburgers at Rocky's and drink tequila or a Starlite Mule at The Starlite. In fact, you could have a pre show dinner at The Starlite and then cruise to The Casbah which is literally on a half mile away. I'm going to set up a dinner at that fucking place because I can and I love you and want your happiness. Excuse my curse word that just leaked out of my trashy little mouth but I'm excited dammit. If you don't come to this show then you don't care about your country. Australia, New Zealand and Canada- do you hear me? USA- you too! You will all be marked down on the list as Traitors and evildoers if you don't make it out for New Years. Attendance is compulsory. Don't be an evildoer- be a doer of good. A gooderdoer! Watch this video to whet your respective and not so respective appetites. Go to work and save this country. Until we meet again on New Years Eve I faithfully remain, Steven Joseph Joshua Poltz My name is Steve Poltz and I approve of this ad.