New Tour dates and Steve Poltz dog trainer part 2

Tibet,-the-Beautiful.JPG.jpgphoto by Matt Noellert There are new tour dates being added. On the road is where I'll be. If you're in the San Diego area I'll be near you in December. If you're in Australia, I'll be there in January. If you'd like a house concert in Australia we have a couple dates open. Contact Milan We're especially looking for something in Perth. But we wouldn't mind other parts as well. I'll be releasing my new cd Dreamhouse on Feb 19 at The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach Ca. This also happens to be my birthday. It's all coming together as we speak. 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 is the new black. I don't feel like I'll be 50. I feel 60. SXSW in March in Austin Texas! I'll be there. There'll be lots of shows. Then I'll be heading east. Let's book a house concert. Give me a reason to keep the tour going forever. I'm finally playing in Oceanside California. Dcember 18! At The Royal Dive. My sister lives there so she's happy because she won't have far to drive. This show is in December as is Ramona Ca at Cheers. Cheers will be my 6th annual Christmas show. Sheesh! Where do the years go? I'm a world renowned dog trainer. Let me train your dog even though I'm allergic. Good day! Steve