New Monday Night Football Song-- Rug DMC! Free download

Me and DMC Ok- On Friday and Sunday I went into StudioWest in San Diego to re-record the old Rugburns chestnut Football Tonite. My goal was to get DMC of Run DMC to do a really cool rap in the middle of the song. I needed to pc the song to make it clean for TV so I changed the lyric and with the help of Michael Halloran was able to get DMC in the studio on Sunday. I wanted the new lyric to have the guy serving the girl sandwiches! And he sweeps and cleans! First let me say how awestruck I was to be standing in the same room with Rockn Roll Hall of Fame member DMC and how fun and positive he was. He wrote a great rap for the middle section that makes me smile every time I hear it.  If you recall, Hank Williams Jr got his dropped from ESPN Monday Night Football for comments he made on Fox and Friends. I got a barrage of emails from people telling me to submit a song so I have complied. Now - who knows if ESPN will play it but I have versions recorded for each remaining Monday Night game. --------Tonight Dolphins and Jets------- download it and give it to everyone you know. See if we can get ESPN to play it! Post it everywhere. It features Stinky from The Rugburns on drums! He blew everyone away with his drumming prowess. Thanks to Shawn Rholf for production help and electric guitars and keys and Kellogg for his engineering genius. Thanks to StudioWest for the studio time AND thanks to DMC.

Download Here!!

Also- one of the upcoming games is The Jaguars and The Chargers so we said Jaguars and The Bolts and Then DMC sends a shout out to me. Watch here

See ya somewhere. Spread this song please!