New little song for you

PHOTO by GILLHi Kids! I like to make up songs late at night and early in the morning. I used to always post them here. So today I feel vintage and want to do the same as the old me. Old me new me. Tori suggested I start doing this again. Putting up very rough demos.  Don't worry by the lyric and sound of the recording. I'm not depressed. I just like going with whatever I'm feeling. So perhaps this little 2 minute and 20 second Ditty will make you feel something too. If not, no worries. Listen here to  like lightning.


I've been in a haze I been wandering around these days Im outta cash Flat on my ass

I've Been alone I wanna go home But there is nothing Nothing left for me there

You left like lightening This house is frightening And the noose is tightening And I'm so far From my home