New Enter The Steven Banner by Farnk Cirocco! (a tale of 2 banners)

So, first of all this new banner was designed by world famous comic book inker Frank Cirocco of Lightsource Studios. This is a new situation here. I'm excited about it. So here goes--- World famous Australian photographer Jane Dyson sends me a banner she designed and it had a cool Bruce Lee theme going. I really liked it a lot. here it is

So I said to her via email, "do you think you could add a cool Chinese font?" She replied that her fonts were limited at her computer but I wanted to give the idea to someone else that she'd be cool with it. So I sent it to Frank and he emailed me the one up yop. They're both awesome and one would not exist without the other so I love it when a community of freaks comes together.

Thanks for keeping the banners coming. All the past banners have their own section now so feel free to peruse.

This is fun!

I love you guys,