New DVD out today and then there were only 2 Texas shows this weekend

tales-cover-23.jpgI have a new DVD I'm releasing today. You can order it right here from the good folks at Here's what the back cover looks like. It's also got lots of post-show interviews and about 4 bonus tracks. It's a dvd and it also contains a cd for your driving pleasure. It also comes with a microwave inside and bat saliva. And if you act now, you will attain inner peace with the odds of nirvana increasing if you were to maybe buy ummm- say 2 (two) instead of one. A couple of the packages contain soylent green and about 5 others have a small Czech family of 7 living inside of the cardboard insert. Also- most people will think you're really cool because you had the good sense to invest in music. It's like owning a restaurant: YOU CAN'T LOSE! If you buy this dvd today then you have a good possibility of finding true love and you'll definitely get put on the short list toward Catholic sainthood. So go ahead and buy 7 or 8. My Sunday Sept 21st show in Houston got cancelled due to the hurricane. The show in Dallas is still on at 8pm on Sept 19 at: rock house films 3006 cole avenue northeast corner of cole and sneed Sept 20 I am in Austin Tx at Hill Country Galleria 6 pm with Matt the Electrician I played at The San Diego Music Awards last night with The Cynics. We had a good time. I was nominated for album of the year which was pretty cool. I didn't win but that's ok because I have a new dvd out! Did I mention that if you buy it you'll feel like you did win an award? I did? I mean: I did! One final thing- Unraveling came out on Itunes yesterday so I got that going for me... which is nice. Boo ya crunk Steve