New Banner by Jesse Rodgers

Thanks to Jesse Rodgers for the cool banner up top. People keep designing very cool stuff for this website. Go here to see previous banners and more info on submitting one.

I hope you had a great Easter Sunday and got to visit with people you like to be around. I got to see my sister Kath and the rest of her brood. It was fun shooting pool and eating and laughing so hard with my nephew Shea that ice tea came out of my nose. I wasn't even planning on going up but then it just spontaneously happened.  I love them so much.

My Padres lost again to The Phillies for the fourth time in a row to complete the sweep. It was horrible and I grumbled at the tv set like an old man. I'm sick of losing money to Phillies fan Lou Demarco and now I have to play a house concert at his home in New Jersey and watch him gloat like the cat who ate the canary. We bet every year on The Padres vs Phillies series and I lose every year. This year I'm going to pay him in Canadian dollars and let him deal with the money changers.

I need watch this Harry Nilsson documentary now before I go to sleep.

Maybe The Padres will beat The Braves tomorrow.

Love love love love