New banner by Bob Schneider

The beautiful banner up top was designed by my good friend and world famous musician Bob Schneider. Check him out and enjoy his sweet syrupy goodness. This is so fun having you people design things. (what do you mean "you people?" What do YOU mean "you people?)  Anyways- I love Bob and love his music and friendship. Thanks Bob!

Are we going guitar playing or skiing

We're all loaded up with guitars and ukuleles and banjos and tenor guitars and capos and strings and picks and -- oh yeah! Skis! We're headed to Winter Park and nothing shall stop us except maybe Keanu Reeves driving a runaway bus. I played a show in Denver last night with Beth Nielson Chapman. It was fun. See spot run. Run spot run. It was fun. The audience bought every single cd I had. Why didn't I bring more? I only brought 1! . Haha. Just kidding. I brought 2. So today I get back on the horse and attempt skiing. Here's my advice to me-- " Break a leg. Doh! I mean- be careful. Wear a helmut, newton! Remember that you're a mere mortal. A morsel. Don't be an idiot." Oh wait- too late for that.

Love you, mean it, bye!