Necessity is the mother of detention

pink-slide.jpgAnd I am in hand detention. The show must go on? Last night I played at The Old Fire Hall in Rossland BC and I was somehow able to eke out 90 minutes on stage. It was mostly stories and then songs. I felt like I was starting over trying to fit a glass slide on my pointer finger and play the guitar in open tunings flat on my lap. It wasn't pretty but I made it through the night. At one point I had my friend Mark Pollard come up and play the chords with his left hand while I finger picked. pollard.jpg I have a lot to learn in the next 8 weeks of healing time. Shiza Minelli this sucks royally but what else am I going to do? Cancel shows? One time my friend Frag told me saw me play a show for 2 hours and I only did about 6 songs. But I wasn't forced into that. This time is different. So I'll do my best to weather my detention and then I'll be back with a vengeance like Chuck Norris. Detentionally yours, Steve