My Tea Cup Collection Is Growing

20110718-082757.jpgLike a fungus Like a child in a growth spurt Like a beer belly Like Steve Job's bank account Like my finger nails Like the nose of Pinocchio Like a beautiful rose garden

My tea cup collection is really a full grown thing of its own. This morning the tea cups asked me, "Are you a songwriter or a tea cup renaissance man?" "I'm an entertainer! And I'm a writer of songs." "Drink from us and sing to us while we sit here and look pretty." "The older the tea cup the better for me. The more stories you have to tell. I'll sing songs to you and I get to look and marvel at your beauty and craftsmanship." "We love you Zteven. Or is it Steven?" "All the tea cups call me Zteven."

This was an actual conversation I had this morning. Please don't be worried. Jah love protect us. Insert smiley face here- :/)) More more more Ok less Love Zteven