My schedule is nutso magutso

Photo by Stacie Huckeba!

Man I've been busy. I think I was just in Atlanta last night playin Eddies Attic. But now I'm getting ready to go play Guitarfish Festival in Northern CA.
This morning I went in and played a show for the folks who put on Cayamo cruise. I played a show in their cool offices in Atlanta. They filmed it. It'll be on the web soooon.

So yeah, Guitarfish this weekend. July 29 and 30th. This is a really cool festival and well worth your time and energy.

Then I zip up to Portland Oregon for a show on Monday July 31 in a hair salon. Yes, a hair salon. Why not?? Shoot, I'd play a gas station. The salon is called Salon 13. I love this venue. This will sell out. Contact Salon 13 for tix.

Then? Then I go to Ketchikan Alaska. I play The Tongass Community Center Aug 2.

What?? Then I fly to Anchorage Alaska (maybe I'll walk) and then drive south towards Homer and I get to play Salmonfest Aug 4,5 and 6th. Jewel will also be playing so that will be cool to get to hang.

Then I head to Canada for a buncha shows! All dates and ticket links are here