My old new look

20131115-082941.jpgFlashback Friday. This is a fantastic photo of me back in 2004 wandering around Canada in the summertime looking for my remote control. I was most definitely naked underneath this "thing" I'm wearing with Cheetos stuck to my butt. Once I found my remote I was then on my way to direct traffic in the middle of an intersection.

Did I mention that I'm playing a show in San Diego on Nov 21 at The Belly Up? Actually Solana Beach Ca. Did I also mention that my good friend Tim Flannery Jonny Strayhorse is also playing? Did I mention that we will share crazy stories? Did I mention that Tim and I will be on The DSC show on jack Fm at 7:30am on Wednesday Nov 20?

Here's where you get tix to The Belly Up show I wish I still had this outfit I'm wearing in this photo because I would rock this thing on stage. But then Tim might not play the show with me.

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