My New Publicity Photo

20120323-132829.jpgFinally after a long arduous day of photo shoots we got the money shot. Things are only looking up from here on out. The dog I'm holding is named Bella and I'm in love with her. She belongs to Wayne and Kim in Houston, Texas. Last night's show at The Mucky Duck was a blast to the nth degree. The place was packed and people were cooking burritos and setting their tables on fire. There was a man in a silver suit spitting fire out of his mouth and I was juggling rabbits. A naked man was hanging from the ceiling like a bat am everyone just acted like it was normal. I got a rabies shot just in case. I would like to thank The Mucky Duck and Rusty and Theresa and wish them safe travels to Italia. I'd also like to thank Wayne and Kim and wish them safe travels to the land of Deano. Australia. Also -- thanks to The Wingman Ranch boys, Chris Chris and Mac for the sweet and tasty apple pie. Tonight ------ I play Athens Tx and I hear tell that the show is sold out. So please try to sneak in. S

20120323-134804.jpg Peace be with you and also with you- S