My New Audience and some Australian press

&otkinders.jpgI got to rock out a couple of days ago for a bunch of kindergarteners. It was awesome to the nth degree. Except for the fact that they all look like little germ carriers when all bunched together and I almost had a Howard Hughes germ phobia moment but I rallied. My friend Mike O'brien who helped put out TheBarn cd showed up and we gave all the kids Barn cds for Christmas. Now I can rest assured that when I'm 60 ish I'll have future fans who will remember this day and show up to my gigs when I'm on a walker and shout in my ear so I can hear them. They kept wanting to hear The Spider and The Bumblebee over and over and over. They love Joe Poltz's words! No matter what I played after that song they just said, "play the spider and the bumblebee Mr. Stevey!" It was a very fun little event. I can't wait to do more. I made the cover of "Rip It Up" a weekly newspaper in Adelaide. They asked me some questions and I gave them some answers and stuff. Click Here to read I wish I could bring all of the Aussies and Canadiens and USA folks together for a camping party music festival. We just need to figure out a cool place where we can all meet up. Tahiti? Bali? Pragua a ware a delphia? Sandy Eggo? I need to get thinking. Onward and Upward, Steveroni P.S. the only part of the interview they got wrong was the part about life being "nasty brutish and short." I was quoting Hobbes but there computers made it say hobos. Hobos lives would lazy, sweet and full of train rides.