My Days As A Folksinger

PoltzPhotoStrip_525.jpgk krainz photography Hi There, My name is Steve Poltz. I play and sing songs in your living room. That's what it's come down to. Your living room or laundry room. If you have cats or dogs then let me know so I can take a pill and save my wheezing weak lungs from further stress. Please submit your application below. I like chocolate cake and iced tea and cookies. Chocolate chip cookies with nuts in them. I used to play in big arenas and fly on jets. Now I sleep in a van and rent cars and eat at your house. When you go to work I try on your girly clothes and take photos of myself wearing them. The people seem to like this sort of activity. When I was a child in Catholic school I stuttered and had excema and asthma. I don't know how to spell exzema so now I'll try it this way. Oh Cripes! It's eczema. Dammit. I hate it when I screw things up. It makes me want to hit me in the face. My favorite President of The USA was F.D.R. I like sleeping and dreaming. Best, Steve