My Day As A Sausage

sausage-longview.jpgThere were 5 sausages. I was the one in stripes. Polish sausage! It was one of the greatest days of my life. Unfortunately I lost at the races. I can't make any excuses so I'm just going to lie and say I won. Yeah, that's the ticket, I won. One of the coolest things was running by in last place and hearing some drunken fan yell,"Hey Polish Sausage! You suck!" I was laughing so hard I thought i was going to pee in my suit. Check out my running form! My close up.. Post-show bliss I would like to thank Sue Schrader for hooking this up. She made it all happen. I would also like to thank my personal trainer. I am off to Michigan to play in a barn. I have a video of the race I will post later. We have a 7 hour drive. Stevey Joe