My day as a rockstar

me n pilot bob.jpgThe other night I played a show in Pioneertown ( Joshua Tree) with Billy Harvey and then we came home to my parent's house for 2 a.m. lasagna. My mama maka da good lasagna. Then we had rocky road ice cream. My mom is in love with Billy. Then I woke up early and 94.1 the radio station with Jeff and Jer sent a private plane to pick me up in Palm Springs and fly me to San Diego to be on the morning show. They sent a limo to the airport and whisked me in to the station to sing and then sent me back to the desert in time to have breakfast with Billy and my Mom and Dad. The pilot of the plane was so funny. He was poet named Bob who recited me dirty poems and ant- war poems and love poems and old folk songs. He told me he had crashed 3 planes and that he would be in the bar waiting for me. One time he said he forgot to lower the landing gear. My heart was beating so fast I felt like a hummingbird. Good times! More later gator. SP