Music, Piss and Jet Lag

Im sitting on a plane en route from Denver to San Diego. I feel like a mini vacation is about to start. I have a couple of days off to chill and read and practice guitar. I'm listening to various podcasts and lots of music. Right I have Jack Rose coming through the headphones with his great guitar instrumentals off his last cd-->>> *Luck In The Valley*. He died a year ago in December of a sudden heart attack at the tender young age of 38. Have you heard him? If you're into John Fahey style acoustic guitar picking then I think you'll like this. Really great music to ponder and relax to. I think it would be a hoot to do an album of all instrumentals. It's so fun to learn new things and practice. I'd love to take a whole year off of touring and study piano and banjo and knife skills. Knife skills? I leave for Australia on Boxing Day, Dec 26. I'm definitely not ready for that uber long flight across the great Pacific Ocean. I wish I could just "appear" there with guitars in hands sans jet lag. This is going to be my 9th trip over there (I think) maybe my tenth. I'm sorry senator, I can't recall. However, I do remember once at a party, this girl in Melbourne told me that if I drank my own urine that it would cure my jet lag. I said to her, "Of course it will, because now all you'll think about is how the hell you're going to wash the taste of piss out of your mouth." Then I went into the kitchen and poured some warm apple juice into a clear plastic cup, found her, and chugged it and said, "bottoms up!" She looked horrified and gasped and spit her beer (Tooheys Lager) out all over my brand new Liza Minelli tee shirt and took off running in horror. It was just wonderful. We're about to land in San Diego so I have turn off my phone and finish my apple juice. Pissfully yours, SjjP