Moving right along

20110808-030011.jpgI saw Planet Of The Apes. I had to. When I was a kid I saw all of the Apes movies. It was pretty good. I'm not kidding. I liked it. If you're in the mood for a summer blockbuster movie about apes then go check it out yo. Also I saw The Guard. Irish film. Go see it immediately if not sooner. I loved loved loved it. Today was day 24 in a row of Bikram yoga and I feel like I'm sedated. I feel smiley. I feel like nothing really bothers me. It's a weird drug. I feel dopey. I am dopey. I just drink a lot of water an every so often some coconut juice. I think I accidentally cut some guy off in his car the other day and he pulled up next to me and screamed "hey fuckface! Why don't you learn how to drive?" I just smiled and said "fuckface? I like that name. Can I keep it as a nickname for just today and possibly tomorrow? Or is there an extra day rental fee?" He drove away and flipped me off. Fuckface. I like that that name. It has a nice ring to it. People are really beautiful and funny. And they seem to like me. Love, Fuckface