Movie recommendation- Bill Cunningham New York

20110414-092551.jpgWow wow wow! This is my favorite movie/documentary that I've seen in years. Run to a theater or a town where it's playing. Hopefully it's showing at some servings cinema near you. If not, then drive as fast as you can and go see it. You'll thank me. I promise. This film has such a beautiful message as we follow a very cool 82 year man on his bicycle around the streets of NYC. He's been documenting fashion trends for years for The New York Times and he hasn't wavered a bit on his devotion to his work. His ethos and tenacity are a thing a beauty. Just listening to him spout out gems of wisdom as he's followed around will get you laughing and then crying in a matter of minutes. I need to see it again just to listen to him speak. He's my hero.