Ok. So I saw the movie Wild. Reese Witherspoon. Loved loved loved it. Really beautiful film. A story of redemption through nature. There are at least 4 different scenes that'll bring tears to your eyes. Can't wait to go hiking again. Must read the book.

So now I've seen- 1 Boyhood 2 Whiplash 3 Birdman 4 Wild 5 Grand Budapest Hotel

If I had to rank them I'd do it in that exact order.

I'm a terrible critic because I really loved all of these films. They all have something special.

Boyhood- I have friends that really disliked this film but I thought it was fantastic and although it was a very long movie I still wanted more. So far, it's my top film of the year.

Whiplash is powerful and the acting is superb. Very intense. Great story about striving to be the best at all costs. See it!

Birdman - you had me at Michael Keaton. The music is great with the drumming as a segue from each crazy moment. Did I mention it has Michael Keaton?

Grand Budapest Hotel! Sorry Josh Board (I love you) but man I really dig that Wes Anderson director dude. The detail he puts into each shot and the madcap pace of the story had me smiling throughout.

Today I'm taking my Dad to see American Sniper.

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