More Radio Tomorrow

23-belly-up-green-flyer.jpgI'm looking forward to playing the Belly Up Saturday night with my friends The Cynics backing me up. If there are any requests you have please file them below. The radio was fun today and should be again tomorrow morning. It's an early wake up call but I quit sleeping months ago so it doesn't really matter. What I am really wondering is: where did the years go? I just got news that a childhood friend of mine passed away. I hadn't seen him since the 7th grade when he moved away from Palm Springs. If you click here and scroll down to disposable things you will see a picture of me on a basketball playground with 2 other friends. I'm in the green shirt and Terry is in the white and Mark Swisher (r.i.p.) is in the orange. It seems like it was just yesterday we were shooting baskets and laughing at something stupid. Man- you never know when you're time is up. I really liked Mark. I wish I had stayed in touch... For info on Friday's radio schedule read below Peace Steve