More fun in New Mexico

polts.jpgI forgot to put this pic up of my last trip to New Mexico. It's one of my favorites from the whole tour. The other band that was on the bill is called Po Girl. They couldn't get either of us right. I hope you guys have a great weekend and if you get the chance come on out to my show in Nashville. The show will be broadcast live on The Lighting 100 and you can listen if you feel like it. Click here to check it out. I think I go on first at 8 pm Nashville time. I reckon that would make it 6 pm California time and 9 pm eastern time. If you live on Mars then you're 2 days ahead and I've already played the show. I hope I was good. The video for Rains is now up to 454 plays on You Tube. Click here to see it and send it out to your pals on Mars. Peace out, Steve