Mommy moose ghost


IMG_2568.JPG So I was driving down this gravel road in Newfoundland today in my rental car (dark blue Nissan Altima) and I said to my friend Deano "do you know that in all the time I've driven around Canada I've never seen a moose? Everyone else I know has seen plenty." He said "Maybe we'll see one today. This is the road where it seems one will just pop out."

And then - voila--> this mommy moose with her baby moose was around the next corner. I stopped the car and she just stared at us as if to say "if I wanted to I could kick both of your asses but I'm feeling generous today." Then she ran across the road into the bush and just disappeared like a ghost. A mommy moose ghost. So I would like to propose a toast to all the mommy moose ghosts out there on this wild planet. I want to start a band with Stacey Earle and Chuck Brodsky and Tim Flannery aka Jonny Strayhorse and call it The Mommy Moose Ghosts.