mmm, nicotine and nuptials

ciggy-final.jpgSo there I was walking the steets of Puerto Vallarta Mexico, when all of a sudden I came across a nervous bride to be getting her last ciggy fix before tying the knot. I wonder if she is wondering if she was about to make a mistake, or if she was just jonesing for some Phillip Morris/ R.J.R. Reynolds products. I think she is thinking about that pre-nup she just signed. Maybe she is just pissed at me for taking the pic. Good to be home and off the road. Thanks to all the folks at all the cool venues I just played. One guy in Indianapolis told me he loved The Rugburns and once ran over a cat in his truck (accidentally) and the cat was almost dead so he put it out of its misery while cranking "Taking The World By Donkey." I wonder what song he was listening to off of that album. I hope it was "Now's Not The Right Time For Love." When he told me that story, I said "thanks, I think." It was also a blast playing the American Legion Hall in Frankton, Indiana. I guess I got out of town right before the tornado. Chattanooga, Nashville, Cleeeeev-land, NEW YORK CITY, Bossss-TOWN, D.C. AND I'VE BEEN EVERYWHERE MAN, I've been everywhere. Time to go to sleep for 5 days straight. Just added a Rugburns show at The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach Ca. on June 26 Saturday night. tix to San Diego are cheap right now. I suggest ya'll get yer bootys out here. John Castro is doing it. And he's bringing his bass geetar. Cheerio Pip Pip and all that rot eh what??? Steven JJJJJJJJJ Poltz