Mister Graham Parker and Moi

me-and-graham.jpgI had a jolly good show last night in London. I love this place and was a little sad to leave the former republic of Yugoslavia. I wanted to post this pic that was taken a ccouple of months ago in Washington DC. Ya see- Graham Parker is one of my favorites. When he put out the record "Squeezing Out The Sparks" my eyes were opened in crazy adoration. That album moved me. His writing is so clever and sarcastic and caustic and beautiful all at the same time. I love his singing and style. And he's still making great music. I was at XM studios recording a Loft session for channel 50. Graham was across the hall and I freaked out. I didn't do anything stupid this time. I just kept my mouth shut and asked for a photo. This was my 3rd Loft Session for XM. They give me an hour to tell stories and do whatever I want. They're always fun. My latest Loft Session will debut on Monday, July 23rd at 12noon EDT. It will also play during that week the following times: (all times Eastern) Monday 7/23: 9:00pm Thursday 7/26: 3:00pm Thursday 7/26: 9:00pm Friday 7/27: 4:00am Saturday 7/28: 7:00pm for more info go here: http://www.xmradio.com/onxm/features/50-theloft-theloftsessions.xmc If you don't have XM then get it for me. Just for that week and then cancel it like a bad check. I like XM because they have every baseball game. And they're really nice to me. I head to the USA tomorrow for a show in New York. Piermont New York that is. The Turning Point! I'm Excited. Cheerio Pip pip and all that rot eh what? (Joe Poltz says that!) Steve