Mini Apple Lis

20110330-084842.jpgI'm not sure if I'm the older ox or the younger ox. I think I'm the older ox. But I was once the younger ox. All I know is that today I go to Mini Apple Lis. The land of little apples with lisps. Ahhh Minneapolis. The city of Twins and Replacements and Hüskers and Prince and so much more. The city of little apples. Come to The FineLine tonight. Show starts at 8. I'm going to dance real pretty tonight like a ballerina with an eating disorder. You people have no idea what's in store for you. You're all idiots. Tonight will be the mother of all shows. I'm taking my greens today and drinking lots of water. I'll be so charged up that a hundred horses couldn't stop me. I have the energy and strength of a thousand oxen. I represent nuclear fission and chemical madness. My new name is Monstrositymagnugudetriangulatoroxycontin. I'm an ox. Look out for me. I'm standing right behind you. I'm peeing in the field while I graze. I'll see you tonight and there's nothing you can do about it. Shawn Rohlf opens the show.