Mike Campbell is my Pal

20110520-124839.jpgMike Campbell is one of the owners of The Carleton in Halifax. He's my friend and I like him very much. He showed up in Petite Rivière this evening to the house concert I played. It was a long show with two full sets of music and laughter and lunacy. It's so quiet down here by the water. This was my dinner the Nova Scotia folks made. Karin and Chris are lovely hosts.

20110520-125524.jpg Now it's time for slumber like a piece of lumber- unencumbered and I'll dream of beautiful table settings and plates and friends while slow the thoughts in my head to the pace of molasses pouring from a jar. Pretty little table settings siss boom bah. Tomorrow is already today but I'll sleep before I head to Truro to play The Marigold Cultural Center Yes I'll dream of pretty place settings.