Midwest Alert 

  Chicago and Ann Arbor alert! If you're in the Midwest then please drive on over to Chicago or Ann Arbor or BOTH. I'll be playing The Old Town School Of Yolk. Oops, I mean Folk. Folking folk. Not yolk. I sure do love Chicago. My history with that city goes way way back to The Rugburns daze. Big love! I'm not playing any other Midwest shows other than Chicago on April 16 and Ann Arbor Michigan at The Ark April 17.

Sorry that I won't be in Indianapolis or Cleveland or any of the other great American Midwest cities with cool bars.

That's it. So please get a posse together and drive. Alert the authorities. Tell everyone. Spread it like mustard. Be generous. Spread it like a virus. Take a road trip. Throw caution to the bin. Or wind. Or kin. Or sin. Sneeze and cough these details to people you know and don't know. Tell your parents. Tell your dog. Tell your sister and brother and their kids.

Tell the guy you buy your weed from. Tell the people at the yoga studio you may or may not go to. Tell the flight attendants you fly with and the sanitation engineers who pick up your dirty trash.

Tell Hitchiker Joe and then run away from him as fast as you can.

Tell me who you told and then tell the people you told it to that you also told it to me. Then rinse and repeat.

Bend over and shout it while your head is between your legs.

Wake your friends up and tell them about it three times in a row. Don't tell your friends I told you to wake them up.

Spray paint it on your best friend's car. They won't be mad because they're your best friend.

Write it on your forehead. Walk down the street naked and nekked and hand out posters of this picture. (First get the posters made at a kinky kinkos or wherever they make posters. But wear your clothes for this part.) Post pictures of yourselves naked handing out fliers and also pictures of you getting arrested. (I can't pay your bail)

chicago old town school of folk tix

ann arbor the ark tix