Meeting Charlie Sexton and The Debt Transfer Act of 1967.

20130322-114950.jpgMeeting Charlie Sexton and The Debt Transfer Act of 1967.

Two nights ago Charlie Sexton came to my nutso magutso Threadgills gig in Austin Tx. Note the picture--- now ahhhh-- seeing as how Charlie has toured extensively as the guitarist for Bob Dylan (one of my musical heroes for most of of my life) and seeing as how we hugged each other before this picture and I am touching shoulders with greatness, that since Charlie has probably hugged Bob at some point (I assume he has) that due to The Debt Transfer Act of 1967 (a law that exists only in my warped brain) that I've actually hugged Bob Dylan. Yes! I am certain I have hugged Robert Zimmerman. Now my life is compete. Im going to eat a donut today because I gosh dang deserve it and I'm going to direct traffic in the middle of an intersection in Houston, Texas high on donut sugar and I'm gonna scream "I'VE HUGGED BOB DYLAN!" at the top of my lungs at every passing car. Thank you. As you were.