Me and The Padres got back together

tony-gw.jpgJust like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. Or Angelina and Billy Bob. Me and The Padres are back together. Not that we ever broke up, but I was having a temper tantrum and wasn't talking to them for awhile. But I am now proud to say I have a bad case of baseball fever. See the statue above of Tony Gwynn? Well do ya punk? It's brand new at Petco Park and it's important to maike a pilgrimage for some good beisbol joo joo. The fact that I wasn't talking to them doesn't really make me a bad fan. I was still watching but I was complaining most of the time and grumbling like a seismic temblor. Does that mean I only like winners? How vacant of me. Not really- ya see, it just hurts me more than most people. I'm a sensitive artist wah wah wah. Thanks for all the comments on the house concert thing below. (except for the one about patchouli on my balls). The gigs are pouring in with Lexington, Kentucky just booked for October 20th. I'm excited because there will be playoff baseball happening and a certain team that I won't mention for fear of jinxing them could be involved in this activity. You never really freaking know. Sweet Jesus, you never really do now do you? There are new episodes of The Hugh Thompson show up. In case you don't know about it click here Click on to the Hugh Thompson Show and peruse. There's a new episode up with Nanct Giles as the guest. She's amazing. I get make up a bunch of songs for the hi tech guests and generally have a good time. That earthquake last night at 2:53 am scared the bejesus out of me and it was only a 3.5. My apartment was shaking and I thought it was going to be the big one. Heart beating fast, cat like reflexes, jumping up out of bed run outside only to fall back asleep and dream of welders on skyscrapers with flames leaping from gas tanks and scaffolds crashing down in dust clouds with nowhere to run. Good Times, Steve