Me and lizard dude

20140607-085012-31812525.jpgI was walking around Australia minding my own business when all off of sudden this fella crossed my path and we exchanged pleasantries. "G'day Poltzy!" "Howdy lizard dude!" "Where's your next show? I'll bring my mates." "Oh cool! It's right near Sydney in Coogee at Coogee diggers. Sat June 7. There's a cool little festival they're doing called Digger Fest." "What about Cronulla? I have other lizard family friends there too." "Yeah nah yeah! Cronulla! I play there on Sunday June 8th at The Brass Monkey!" "Ok sweet mate. Suite mate. I'll see ya there. Tell Geico they owe my people some money. I want some trickle down action. I just want to wet my beak so to speak. No offense to birds." "Awesome opossum. No offense to opossums." "Later gator! No offense to alligators." "After a while crocodile! This could go on all day. I must go change my guitar strings."