Maury Show Part 2

This is where young Jack really deserves an Oscar for his performance as Amber and later on as Maury Povich. Speaking of The Oscars, I wanted Letters From Iwo Jima to win best picture or Little Miss Sunshine. I thought that The Departed wasn't even worthy of being nominated. The ending was a joke with everyone being shot. I also thought Peter O'toole would win for best actor but I was happy to see Forest Whitaker win for The Last King of Scotland. Did you guys see Venus? It's quite good. Ellen Degeneres was really funny as host last night. I love her sense of humor. She once hired The Rugburns to play at a party in her backyard years ago. She was very cool and paid us well and danced all night. Meet me in Bozeman Montana this weekend. Please??? We can go skiing and the place I am playing at is way cool. I'll see you there. montanashow23.jpg cheers mates, Steve