Margaretsville, Nova Scotia

20110518-114111.jpgBeautiful little town and a fun show. A really funky old church converted to a concert venue. 110 people crammed inside and singing along and smiles as wide as The Mississippi. Told some stories and weaved some tales and sweated and danced and sang to the high heavens. Spirits were in the air at my show and ghosts are now floating about this old house I'm going to sleep in. I walked outside to the van to get something and I shivered a shivery shiv. Earlier in the evening before the show we sat down to a scrumptious dinner of paella and salad and bread.

20110518-114821.jpg Now I'm wishing I had some rocky road ice cream to nibble on. Instead I think I'm going to try to go to sleep early for once. Thanks Margaretsville! You guys were a sweet ass crowd to play for. Buenas Noches, Esteben