Lunch at a country pub Bentworth Village

20111103-173224.jpgWe stopped at at beautiful country pub in Bentworth today. It's called The Sun Inn and it's a place I have to return to. I had Yorkshire pudding and gravy and peas and carrots and potatoes. Wow. Amazing. Here's the outside of the place

20111103-173637.jpg We had a large selection to choose from.

20111103-173724.jpg A beautiful candlelit table was waiting for us.

20111103-173844.jpg We ate like royalty and had tea and then walked down a beautiful fall road full of leaves saying goodbye for the winter.

20111103-174020.jpg Now I'm getting ready for sound check here at the beautiful Tivoli Theatre in Wimbourne.

20111103-175357.jpg That's all for now folks. Except for one more hearty thank you to the amazing Glenn Tilbrook. Very good, Steve