lovely new banner by Meg Carter

Meg Carter made a sweet new banner for this website. I figured that since we were headed to Wales tomorrow and Scotland next week that I needed to represent a little more terrain. Thanks so much Miss Meg. The alien seems to have left my body. I feel like a 98 pound weakling but my strength is coming back. Just porridge for me and a bananna or 2 amd some peppermint tea add toast.

We play in Bristol this evening at Colston Hall. It's 11-11-11 a date we shall never see again. Wear your finest clothes and catch a train or plane but we must celebrate this date. I played a party in the USA right before I left for this tour. The party was meant to be on 11-11-11 but this tour came up and I took it. They still called the party an 11-11-11 party and they made special cookies. Here, let me show you

20111111-150042.jpg So here we are traveling again and nearing Bristol. The road winds on and on and on. Peace and love and love and peace to you. Oh- I just got notice that I was accepted to SXSW in Austin Texas. So I guess I'll be seeing my stateside friends over yonder in March for the madness that is South By Southwest. Cheers, Steve