Lost in Space

doodling.jpgHi Kowfolks, I got lost in space. Stranded and branded in the world of airports and security and taxis and trains and mules. Let's just say as my penance I am going to post on this here sire for 30 days straight. No matter how I feel or if I've got something to say I am going to at least do something. I got a new computer and a new phone. On my phone I took the picture above and was able to download an app called sketches and do a drawing. You can now draw on your phones! I used to loathe technology when I was younger and now I embrace it like a lost uncle returning from Vietnam. The site here at Poltz.com now has RSS feeds. Woo hoo! My cd Unraveling is now available for order from this here site!!! The Red Sox traded Manny to The Dodgers. My Pop must be so happy. More tomorrow, Steve