Long day oh


Man, I'm exhausted. Holy cannoli this was a long couple of days. I woke up in St John's Newfoundland after a really cool night playing at The Ship Inn Pub. It was freezing cold but beautiful. I really love that city and all the sea hearty people. They love music and life and it's a joy to be on the rock. I like it that they refer to it as the rock. The wind there will blow right into your soul as you walk down Duckworth Street. Newfoundland seems like it's not part of Canada but a country of its own. Crazy musical accent that's sometimes hard to understand. Somebody called me trout. I like that. The show went until very late and I had to catch a fight to Halifax and then I visited my Aunt Syl and Uncle Bud. They're 84 years young! Then I played a show in Bedford Nova Scotia at Patchwork house concerts put on by Monique and George. We started the show as a press conference and I took questions from their kids. It was pretty funny stuff. Great family, wonderful food and sweet music for the soul.

I keep thinking of John Kuhlken and his smiling eyes. He sort of had a way of looking into you while asking a weird question with an omnipresent grin that would instantly make you start laughing. Man he would say some strange stuff. I would always laugh like a little kid when I was around him. He makes me want to be a better person. I think that's the mark of a great life.

Tonight I play a house concert near Wolfville NS. Email Francois at cotefra@gmail.com for tickets and info.Doors at 7 show at 8.

Love your friends and call your folks. Serve others. Be the ball. Peace, Steve