London was beautiful today

20111215-143513.jpgGee golly gosh. This London place is really quite nice. I'm digging the wandering vibe I'm feeling. It was a full day of seeing and smelling and walking.

20111216-002801.jpg I love the way the light looks as the sun decides to hit the snooze button for the next bunch of sixty minute increments. Makes my heart feel happy.

20111216-002953.jpg It's fun to get lost and follow the scent of whatever kitchen and coffee shop seems to pull you in at the moment. Look at the graffiti and smile.

20111216-003453.jpg Life is good. God is good. Whatever God is. Peace is good. A gentle heart is lovely. Smiling eyes are sweet. Human interaction is warmth and a nice cup of sleepy time tea is making me tired. It's 12:45 in the morning on Friday. Sleep come free me. Ride the tunnel to the tube of dreamland. SjjP

20111216-004808.jpg XO