Listen to an old radio interview and maybe smile

aaaradio.jpgThis is an old radio interview I did a few years ago. Maybe 4 or 5? I just found it in an old trunk when I was cleaning my living room. It's sorta funny but then again- I don't really know what funny is. I was a guest on a now defunct San Diego radio station named 92.1. They let me play whatever songs I wanted and they called it a Coup d'Etat. If you want to know the songs I played I will listen to the whole broadcast and let you know. Listening to the interview made me smile because I really liked talking to the DJ whose name is Scott Riggs. Or was it Jason Riggs (his brother)? The interview is 9 minutes long which is unusual for radio. I guess I just wouldn't shut up. I hope you enjoy it my dear brothers and sisters of the revolutionary arms dealers convention attendees. Listen to interview here!! By the way, I just got home from the ball game and the Pads won their 3rd straight game. Will miracles never cease? If by the grace of the beisbol Gods they should win on Weds. then they will have swept the Dodgers. Shhh! Don't tell anyone. Yours truly, Steveroni