Life is fun.

20111223-163029.jpgI would just like to state that life is fun. It is also a long hard slog. But it is important to keep it loose. Keep it fun because in 100 years none of this shit will really matter. So I am going to try as hard as I can to enjoy each little fucking moment and remain present. I shall appreciate the small things in life. Now this is much harder than Chinese algebra but if I close my eyelids and meditate on the silliness of it all then a smile shall crease my creased face and laughter will be my spoonful of medicine to help the sugar go down. Woo hoo! Time to celebrate the fact that we're supposed to celebrate. So right now at this very junction in space I would like to pledge my love to all of you wherever you may be. It's been a hoot getting to see you over this lifetime. I'm honored to be able to share this short little journey we are now experiencing in this exact little slice of pie of a moment. What was I saying? Oh yeah! I love love and love is all we truly have so let's spread some more love on this slice of homemadey bread. Always and forever, Me Merry Christmas.